Cantel providing installation and maintenance services for computer networks

Cantel telecommunication excels at providing installation and maintenance services for computer networks to commercial and residential household. Whether it’s a single connection or multiple connections, we specialize in ensuring that your computer systems run without any hitch or hindrance. From managing the networks to connecting and configuring your wireless networks, Cantel communication can do it all according to your need.

At Cantel Telecommunication, we render the following support services:

Network Cabling
Server Centre & Switches
Virtual Private Networking
Local Area Network
Wireless Network
Router Configuration
Wall Jacks/Paneling
For more queries and information about our services and tariffs, call now at 1-604-300-1788 to talk to one of our representatives for further guidance about your requirements and timely solutions for your telecommunication needs.

What’s Happening in the company ?

Chekout what’s latest things is goingon in our company

We have become partners with Cisco to provide cisco training to just aspirants

Newly launched safety programs for our employees

Widened our area of service within Canada