Times are changing! For the longest time broadband internet and communications over copper wire cables was enough for most users. However, as 4K videos and high-definition content becomes more common, regular people are looking for high speed and higher bandwidth internet that will reduce loading times and improve the overall experience. Fiber-optic communication can meet the needs of those looking for faster internet and telecommunications.

FTTH Installations are in high demand, but the technology is still relatively new for consumers, people are eager to make the switch. Latest findings reveal that access to fiber communications boost property prices. Consequently, people are looking into how they can set up FTTH connections in their own homes and offices. So what are the considerations that should be kept in mind before selecting an FTTH installation company? We asked our experts and here is their expert advice on the matter:

How Reliable Is The FTTH Installation Company.

Reliability and quality of services should be the primary consideration when you are selecting because a successful FTTH networking and operating company have many elements, including network design, methodologies, product selection, installation and repair, also post-installation support, testing and maintenance. They need to deliver quality services on all different levels. Try to research a company before screening as much as possible. Changing an FTTH service company is a cumbersome and costly process that must be avoided by selecting a reliable company from the get-go.

Is The Company Able To Meet Codes And Standards?

Different areas have specific regulation and standards enforced by the government, which installation companies and consumers must abide by. Make sure that you select an installation firm that knows the regulations and standards and has a standardized methodology. The companies should be crystal clear about their methods and the components they use.

Is Their Service Flexible?

A successful FTTH network the ability to provide flexibility in terms of internet speed and bandwidth. Your needs as a consumer could change with time and to avoid the hassle of looking for a new installation you should look for a company that will be able to meet your need as time changes.

How Long Will The Components Last?

The quality of the components will determine how long the FTTH connection will last. Fiber-optic technology may not be the most durable, especially when it is substandard and of low quality. If a company is using cheap components to reduce the costs, walk away! Because you will end up paying for the inferior materials in the long run and maintenance will also be a hassle. Installation companies that use high-quality component may be more expensive initially, but this cost will mean that your connection will last longer.

The Reputation Of The Company?

Before you select a company try to learn about their reputation and experience. One way to find out is to read reviews only and ask people who are using the company’s services. FTTH Installation firms that are transparent about their services will be happy to provide references and reviews from clients.


Consumers looking for FTTH and FTTX companies should do their due diligence by gather information about the companies they are considering so they can make an informed choice. Our expert advice will guide you in finding a company that will cater to your needs both now and in the future.  

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