Fiber optic proved time and time again that optical fiber is not only a technology that offers high-speed internet, seamless connectivity and an overall excellent digital communication, but it has a significant impact on the society, business and the economy.

There is no denying the fact that fiber optic has significantly enhanced the day-to-day digital communication functions and has filled many business communication gaps that have opened doors to new possibilities for businesses of both small and large scales.

Fiber’s Impact on Digital Economy

Digital is the future! The companies who have realized this fact are not looking for new opportunities to expand their business online. This is not possible without seamless connectivity and reliable digital communication. Fiber optic can transmit data from one end to the other at an exceptionally fast speed without any data or signal loss. The very high bandwidth of FTTH allows the user to send larger packs of data at a time. The super-fast broadband internet speed has made data downloading and uploading a breeze. Therefore, businesses are looking towards consistently improving and upgrading their online platforms. Fiber optic has also significantly improved business communication in terms of seamless HD video calling and HD voice calling. Businesses do not have to gather in a single room to have important decisions and make vital decisions because fiber optic broadband internet allows the business to connect with their stake owners and have real-time meetings with HD video calling. In this way, fiber optic does not only allow a business to discover new business opportunities and expand to new markets, but it also helps the company save a substantial amount of money.


What Makes Fiber The Technology Of The Future?

Fiber optic is now considered the backbone of digital communication, especially for the digital economy. Business owners have to be fast paced to grab the best opportunities for their business before their competitors do. Fiber optic provides a business the reliable connectivity and seamless performance. Fiber optic transmits data only 33% slower than the speed of light, which helps companies to stay up front and ready to avail the business opportunities.

Growing businesses do not have the time to waste on buffering, hiccups, and stalling. Fiber optic overcomes all of these network errors, and delays to ensure that the users are always on top of their game and do not have to suffer from the ongoing data transmission, connectivity, signal drop, and numerous other issues business owners had to face with copper networks.

In terms of data security, fiber optic is inherently more secure than copper. It does not emit signals that make it extremely difficult to tap data from the fiber-optic network. It usually requires to cut the fiber optic cable to tap data from it; however, cutting the fibers take the network down and alarms the users about data theft. Fiber optic also offers a range of security measures that work exceptionally well and ensures that business data (especially, sensitive data like customer database and financial records) are well protected from intruders. Fiber overall exceptional performance makes optical fiber network the best choice for growing businesses.

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