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In past years, if there was any underground plumbing problem, a whole lengthy process would follow to identify the problem. In recent years, a new technology has made its way into the sector, making inspections and services easy and more cost-effective. This new technology. commercial directional drilling, includes an inspection camera and hydro-jetting equipment to clean the pipeline system.

Commercial Directional Drilling

Commercial directional drilling is also known as horizontal directional drilling. It is a method that uses trenchless technology and is carried out in three steps.

The first step – a pilot hole is directionally drilled from one point to another.

The second step – a pilot hole is enlarged to make it wide to install a new pipeline without carrying out a traditional process.

Third step –pipeline gets pulled into a hole.

With the introduction of commercial directional drilling, there is no need to hire large crews to execute digging, conduct road closures, and go through other digging tasks. Let’s discuss the advantages of commercial directional drilling.

Benefits of Commercial Directional Drilling

This modern drilling technology brings countless benefits, making the process simple, easy, and convenient.

Faster Installation

Commercial directional drilling, as compared to other traditional methods, is way faster. Digging with a trench to add a piping system demands a lot more workforce and takes significant time. With all these, it leads to major damages to the surroundings. Fortunately, using commercial directional drilling, only one pilot hole is required to replace the underground piping.


Commercial directional drilling is much more cost-effective than traditional one. A huge workforce is not required to proceed with directional drilling, so there are significant reductions in labor cost. Other than this, less machinery is required in directional drilling than trench one. Since the entire process takes less time and much less hassle to finish the project, it is cost-effective compared to a standard method.

Less Commotion

Horizontal directional drilling uses only one machine to make a pilot hole necessary to accomplish the task. When we talk about disruption, we discuss disturbing land spacing and the amount of time it takes to complete the work. Both are cut down when using the horizontal directional method.

Efficient and Quick

Commercial directional drilling is the best method for faster installation and underground utilities. Digging a trench underground and adding a new pipeline system are time taking processes and may majorly damage the ground. When using the HDD method, only one pile hole is required, means it is quick and efficient. This ensures less time and increased durability. With increased material durability, utility placement accuracy, you can avoid potential damages during installation.

In short, commercial directional drilling allow efficient pipe and utility installation under driveways and rivers.

With all these advantages of directional drilling, it is easier to get approval from authorities to perform the required drilling job.


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