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When it comes to construction or extraction of resource, digging is one of the most critical stages. While it requires heavy machinery, it also demands a smart strategy and efficient techniques. Hydrovac excavation is an advanced technology, allowing contractors to dig through the ground efficiently, without creating any mess.

This technique is well-known for its safety and efficiency. It has enormous benefits over traditional digging methods, especially when you need to dig in areas with sensitive foundations. Using hydro excavation technology prevents several damages while digging the soil. This technology pressurizes the soil with water and turns it into slurry soil, making it easier to suction and vacuum it. In the end, the vacuum stores the soil or debris in its tank.

What Is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation, sometimes called vacuum excavation, is an advanced process of digging soil using pressurized water to remove much soil from the excavated areas. This advanced method is much better than traditional techniques.

The traditional methods involve heavy equipment like backhoes. It requires a digging crew to remove the soil using shovels for sensitive digging. But these manual methods have some limitations due to which they are less desirable in several applications. In addition to this, manual digging requires a large number of laborers, and the process is time-consuming.

Furthermore, equipment used in manual processes, such as shovels, picks, and various metals, may cause damage to the surroundings. One of the most important benefits of using hydro excavation is that it’s safe. It doesn’t impact the underground infrastructure, such as electric utility lines, water lines, and gas lines.

How Does Hydro Excavation Work?

This technique typically involves using trucks or trailers that have the components to perform excavation work. The key components of this advanced digging equipment include:

  • Water tanks that store clean water to supply for pressurizing steamed water to cut through the soil.
  • A powered pump that increases the water pressure to cut through dirt and compacted soil.
  • An articulating boom fitted with suction hoses takes the slurry soil and water back from the excavation area and keeps them onto the truck’s storage tank.
  • A vacuum pump or blower to recover the slurry soil onto the tank.
  • A debris tank that stores the slurry soil supplied through the vacuum system.
  • Some models include a boiler that heats the water before pressurization to be used in frozen ground conditions.

To begin hydro excavation, the operator uses pressurized water and directs it towards the area where excavation is needed. The jet cuts through the topsoil and starts loosening it once the water touches the soil and mixes with it. The process continues until the desired digging is complete. Once the excavation is done, the truck needs to be driven to a dumping location to dump the slurry soil.


Hydrovac excavation is a modern technology to dig the soil without causing any damages. It digs the soil safely and efficiently. If you want to hire a soil digging service, CANTEL TELECOM is here at your service with high-quality equipment and experienced workers.

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