We, humans, are vulnerable, and so are our discoveries. We may not realize it, but the over-dependency on internet and technology will become a threat, or has it already? Many people do not tend to analyze and evaluate the risks attached to every new technological discovery. For instance, 5G technology.

After the introduction of this massive internet revolution, nobody decided to evaluate the risks that came along with it. Indeed, we are too caught up to move forward that we rarely get a chance to see what awaits us in the future. No technology has come with a guarantee of zero disadvantages, and neither has 5G technology. Even though the concept may seem flawless, but national securities are warning everybody about the use of 5G technologies.

Here is why;

Security Monitoring

When it comes to managing highly fragile information, the national securities stay a little extra cautious and careful. With normal cable internet, monitoring things has been easier because the access was limited. But ever since 5G technology was introduced, things have become a little challenging. The fast speed internet and instant access to everything have made it difficult for national securities to stay on track.

Increased Cybercrime Threats

Where the internet and technologies are used, cybercrime has always prevailed. With time, things are controlled, and people now know how to deal with cybercrimes, but the introduction of 5G has made things tough again. The 5G technology is comparatively new, so it does not have enough security available at its back. Even though at a rise, until a proper solution is found, 5G will always attract cybercrimes.

Limited Exposure

Unlike the cable internet or previous generations of telecommunications, 5G is not available in every state or region. The technological discovery has limited exposure, which makes it challenging to prevail. National securities find this as a threat because the limited access can cause a lot of unnecessary problems.

Infrastructural Needs

The greater the discovery, the more space it requires. 5G technology needs a proper infrastructural base in order to keep functioning. Huge towers and unlimited cable wires make it a little difficult for 5G technology to stick here for a long time.


As mentioned earlier, no technology can ever be fully risk-free because, in the end, it is a human discovery. We, humans, are not here till eternity; how can our discoveries be?


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