Excavation is a process of digging especially when something is being removed from the ground. It is a process of removing the surface of the earth to form a cavity in the ground.

What is hydro excavation?

Hydro excavation is a technique of using the pressurized water in order to excavate material. Powerful vacuum system is used to remove both the wet and dry forms of debris, including rocks and sand. This technique is minimally invasive as well as fast and effective. Hydro excavation is more beneficial than other industrial techniques because it offers better security control.

Before digging up the lines a thorough process of inspection takes place where a competent individual who fully understands the dangers and precautions inspects the excavation at the beginning of every shift.

Push cameras play a significant role in the inspection. They allow for quick surveys and inspections of the pipes that may be malfunctioning. The cameras are inserted into the drains to detect any cracks, corrosion, or root intrusion of pipes.

They are a helpful tool to analyze the situation underground during excavation. These non-articulating cameras are used to get visual updates of sewer pipelines and underground infrastructures, including underground pipes.


How are the cameras designed?

The inspection cameras are designed with a high-resolution camera on the tip. The LED lighting at the inspection probe tip illuminates the inspection area.

Push cameras are specifically designed to provide mobility, allowing the operators to inspect the pipe through every angle accurately. Apart from providing real-time videos to the operators, the cameras are also incorporated with a special video recording feature so the users can easily access the inspection. These gadgets do not require a direct power supply because they are loaded with batteries.

Pipe inspection cameras are incorporated with a transmitter that helps the operator to assess the camera’s exact location.

Push rod camera is a useful tool that helps the operator to inspect pipes especially during highly challenging situations. You don’t want your property to add to the list of trenching incidents. Therefore, it is important to conduct thorough inspection before you start the proce


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