Telecommunication has experienced a gradual advancement in recent years, which has brought many benefits to the current society. Through the steady improvement of the telecommunication sector, it was possible to provide a greater number of conveniences to the people, which made life easier for everyone. Until now, the latest advancement in carrier telecommunication coverage was the 4G network which entailed a marginal greater speed and connectivity capability than its predecessor, the 3G network. However, now there is a new innovation in the network coverage field that boasts capabilities that set it on a level worlds apart from all previous coverage networks called 5G.

5G and what it promises

5G is the next step in the global telecommunication sector that promises results that were only thought of in dreams before. In laymen’s terms, 5G promises upload and download speed paired with much stabler connectivity. At this moment, this technology is still in its infant stages, but the global telecommunication sector is investing heavily to introduce this capability in all carrier services. 5G is the next evolution of mobile internet connections, which offer much faster speeds. This technology uses a much powerful radio spectrum which allows a much greater amount of device connections while keeping the connecting link stable and no speed decreases. Even while in the production stages, 5G has gained phenomenal fame and widespread recognition. However, with all the goods, there are sometimes a few bads that are included.

The Misconceptions

After the news of great strides being made to ensure 5G is made available to the world at its earliest, there were many that thought to enter the fray with their opinions. Criticism and opinions are always welcomed in any scientific field as it makes way for improvements and further research. However, this is the case only if these claims are backed by sturdy evidence and scientific evidence. There have been many individuals who on social media platforms and many other forums have commented about the negative impacts that 5G will have on the world. These would be convincing and welcomed by anyone that has the gain of the world on their priority. It wasn’t for the fact that these claims lack any scientific evidence or sense.

There was once an article posted by a Serbian scientist that claimed that f made public 5G would be the reason for a mass spread of diabetes amongst the users. He also claimed that some radiation caused by 5G signals would start killings birds. This article was addressed by many authentic sectors as to how none of these situations are possible with the technology planned to be used for 5G activation and supply. However, this was posted on social media. This article was viewed by a large audience giving rise to misunderstandings about the next-age telecommunication technology.

There was another false allegation that became much-shared news in a lot of platforms that blamed 5G technology for spreading the coronavirus. It stated how the hardware and radio signals used could birth and spread the pandemic. All of these accusations were baseless but regardless gained a lot of recognition thanks to the power of social connectivity.

5G technology is a much-improved version that showcases much greater abilities with lesser downsides which have been proved on various scientific platforms. Therefore any attempts to wrongly accuse this innovation are met with strict confrontation and correction by the major carriers and telecommunication sectors of the world.



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