A GSM module is a device that allows communication with a wireless network using the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) standard. GSM is a cellular network standard that is widely used for mobile communication around the world.

A wireless radiation monitoring system is a system that is used to monitor the level of electromagnetic radiation in a particular area. This type of system can be used in a variety of applications, such as in hospitals, laboratories, and industrial settings where exposure to radiation may be a concern.

A GSM module can be used in a wireless radiation monitoring system to enable remote communication and monitoring of the system. The GSM module can be used to send SMS messages to a designated phone number or email address, providing real-time updates on the level of radiation being detected by the system.

By using a GSM module, the wireless radiation monitoring system can be set up in a remote location and can be monitored from a central location. This allows for more efficient monitoring and management of the system, as well as providing timely alerts if radiation levels exceed safe limits.

Overall, the use of a GSM module in a wireless radiation monitoring system can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of radiation monitoring, providing real-time updates and alerts to ensure the safety of individuals in the monitored area.

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