Conduit Repair Systems

Conduit Repair for Underground Cabling

The inception of conduit repair systems has evolved the process of underground cabling. At Cantel Telecommunication we stock the following conduit repair systems:

Split Conduit

Split Sweepings

Conduit Repair Kits

Split Couplings

We house prime quality conduit repair systems of various sizes to cater to all types of underground cabling projects. Cantel Telecommunication specializes and excels in conduit repair for underground cabling.

The aforementioned conduit repair systems are remarkable for repair, enclosing short runs of fibre optics and existing cables, useful for the relocation of existing wiring and for transferring overhead service to underground. In addition to this they are also water tight, are super easy to use and adjustable according to the requirement.

Cantel Telecommunication service gives the benefit of saving your valuable time and money by reducing the labour requirement and your network’s downtime.

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