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Cantel provide service in confined space in very controlled and careful manner

Working in confined spaces is risky and hazardous as it can lead to bodily injuries and diseases in employees. Which is why deploying cables in confined spaces need to be conducted in a very controlled and careful manner, whilst complying with all necessary precautionary and safety measures.

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What are Confined Spaces?

Confined spaces attribute to areas or rooms which are small and have restricted entry and exit points. Furthermore, areas which have uncomfortable and improper ventilation, and rooms which produce or hold hazardous contaminants in the surrounding air constitutes as confined spaces.

What are the Hazards of Working in an Enclosed Space?

Working in a confined space can warrant many hazards such as:

  • Deficiency of oxygen in the atmosphere
  • Exposure to toxins and lead fumes
  • Dust production due to splicing of cables
  • High probability of accidents due to scaffolding usage

Cantel Telecommunication Is Experienced in Working in Confined Spaces

Years of hands on experience working in the field of telecommunication, has enabled and trained our technicians to deploy cabling in confined spaces with finesses and expertise without any accidents. Given our track record of rendering top notch services, our level of customer service is unprecedented in Canada. We strictly enforce and adhere to all mandatory health and safety rules and regulations, to ensure optimum performance and curtailing any potential risks. Which is why we are the prime choice for companies for all telecommunication needs.

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