Digital Cable

What is Digital Cable?

A digital cable is the latest trend that allows for better delivery of TV signals to your home. It enables signal compression with efficiency which will enable you to watch more channels than before.
One of the best features of installing a digital cable is that you don’t have to buy a new TV once you convert. Because of this feature, more people are opting for digital cable around the world.

Why do you need your cables replaced?

It is time to get your older wires replaced with new and up-to-date digital cables. Digital cables are far better in terms of projecting signals and can handle the test of time. Getting your older wires replaced is very easy and doesn’t take much time.

Digital Cable Repair and Maintenance

One of the major amenities of life is having a television set-up in the room. But sometimes, maintaining an in-house television network can be difficult. Faulty wiring, missing channels and bad picture quality, these are just some of the common recurring problems you can face when you have an inefficient digital cable installed.

High Definition Cable Installation

Often times the wiring of your digital cables are not sufficient enough to give you the HD quality that you want. It doesn’t matter how amazing, expensive or technologically advanced your TV may be, without the right digital cable support, it is impossible to get the best picture quality on that screen.

Cantel Telecommunication can make sure your TV has the right cabling and meets the technological demands of today and tomorrow.

What are some of the services that we offer

We offer a variety of cabling services, some of which are but not limited to:

  • Optimisation of existing system
  • Cleaning up existing systems
  • Relocating the systems
  • Testing and certifying lines
  • Dish Installation
  • Fault Diagnostics
  • Multi-room installations
  • Equipment Setup
  • Connection repairs
  • Digital Aerial Installations
  • Cable Repairs
  • Smart TV installations