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At Cantel Telecommunications, we are experts at fibre optic splicing and guarantee a continuous connection for effortless operations and productivity of your business. We have the advanced knowledge, expertise and equipment to give you desired results via our immaculate services.

Why Choose Cantel Telecommunications?

By hiring us you can reap the following benefits:

Guaranteeing maximum coupling efficiency

Enforcing a secure and healthy work atmosphere

Increased rack space

Enhance fibre routing

Modernize fibre system

Cantel Telecommunication is a one stop solution for all your telecommunication needs

Our expertise also extends to fibre optic termination. The reason why we are a prime choice for fibre optic termination services is that, it requires immense knowledge and experience in the domain of fibre termination, to achieve excellence in the delivery for a smooth connection and to curtail any issues.

Our team is well equipped and well versed with innovative and agile techniques for fibre optic termination. Our team evaluates the type of connector and cables required according to your needs for a smooth experience of installation of fibre optic network.

Fibre Optic Splicing – What is it?

Fibre optic splicing is the process of amalgamating two fibre optics together to achieve the desired length for effective solutions. This process is carried out in 2 methods, i.e. fusion and mechanical splicing.

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How Will You Benefit from Our Service?

Fusion Splicing

This method is best for reducing light loss and reflection. It is also viable to restore damaged or broken fibre optic cables. Other benefits of this method are that it combines the fibre cable permanently and provide a reliable and secure connection between the two.

Mechanical Splicing

This is more popular than its counter part because it is a much faster and easier solution for merging fibre optic cables. Though, its downside is that it is not permanent solution, it is beneficial for urgent requirements and suitable for limited budgets.

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