Hydrovac Excavation

What is Hydro Excavation and How It Works?

Hydro excavation, also known as suction excavator or vacuum excavator, is the process of moving or eradicating soil with coerced water. To move the debris or soil to a debris bank, an air vacuum is then used. This process enables a more accurate and hapless excavation of soil and find underground utilities. Hydro trucks are safe and secure for unravelling the top layer from buried services. Hydro trucks are designed to dig in to all kinds of soils and clay. Hand digging is extremely hard and time taking as compared to Hydro excavation.

This new technology is mechanical, which works to eradicate the soil in a controlled and non-destructive manner. The pressurized water digs into the ground, once it makes it way through the soil, the vacuum starts sucking the soil and transfer it to a debris tank. This method provides quick results in less time, saving time and cost. Thus, making this a cost-effective solution in contrast to the conventional methods.

Plethora of Benefits of Hydro Excavation

It allows easy excavation in remote areas and is beneficial for hefty excavations Hydro trucks are capable of digging 12 feet wide and 5 feet deep holes in the span of 20 minutes. Secure mitigation of soil via pressurized water and air.

Aids in eliminating costly delays and curtails risks for construction companies. Unlike traditional methods, Hydro trucks do not cause damage to underground pipes, lines and cables.

  • Cost effective
  • Time saving
  • Works well even on frozen surfaces by using warm water
  • Hydro excavation is for used for the line, sign and pole installation and location
  • Slot Trenching with Hyrdo Excavation
  • Slot trenching with hydro excavation is used to dig small trenches. It is mostly required for installing pipes, cables, signs, posts and various other underground utilities.
  • Daylight

This process entails mining of utilities in the underground including water pipelines, gas and oil pipelines, fibre optic cables. This method of excavation is feasible and increases productivity along with efficiency.

Cantel Telecommunication provides the following services to the residents of Canada:

  • Replacement of utility crossing and pipes
  • Installation and refurbishment of cables
  • Hydrovac
  • Trenching
  • Daylight
  • Directional drill and bore support

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