Hydrovac Excavation Services by Cantel


cantel hydrovac
cantel hydrovac


Unearthing existing utilities.

Potholing. ( 8 feet hole in 30 mins )

Excavation around existing GAS & ELECTRICAL lines.

Certified Technicians.

HDD ( Horizontal Direction drilling ).

Cross new utility across the road.

WCB & Liability Insurance

cantel hydrovac

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We provide affordable, friendly, and reliable excavation services for potholing, Safely exposing existing utilities with minimal disturbance. In the case of existing gas or pipeline, We provide safe excavation to install new utilities. Hydrovac excavation is the best way to excavate a narrow trenching. As the pressurized water separates the dirt it makes wet mud that is eliminated by vacuum into a trash tank makes it a clean and safe excavation technique. All the hydrovac excavation is done by water which is in the tanks on the hydrovac excavation truck. The debris tank is also fitted on the truck. This process is fast excavation. Its only downside is having to backfill the soil but if you have to leave the hole/trench longer to insall/fix new or old utility HYDROVAC EXCAVATION is the best because the site is clean as no soil remains on the site.