At Cantel Telecommunication we provide full installation service of PoS from start to end, including the following:

Hardware Setup

Professionals at Cantel are skilled to set up your PoS system robustly which includes installation of tablet stations, cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, weighing scales, and other various hardware and software used for PoS systems.

System Configuration

Our expert technician will log in and set up your system to enable its operations. Thus, preparing the software and devices to run smoothly for your use.

System Overview

Our service extends beyond then just installing the system. Our team representative gives you an overview of your new PoS system, making you familiar with it for smooth operation.

Network and Hardware Testing

Cantel technicians will test your network connectivity with the software and devices of your point of sales system.

Perpetual Support

Our team is always available to address and tend to you for any additional support, query or maintenance requirements.

Our agile team is quick and efficient, available at your service at all times.

For more queries and information about our services and tariffs, call now at 1-604-300-1788 to talk to one of our representatives for further guidance about your requirements and timely solutions for your telecommunication needs.

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