Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Cantel Telecommunication’s proficient group of customer representatives and technicians are available for your service at every aspect of the project. From the initiation, planning and designing to its executing and even after. We are there to provide you auxiliary support and assistance 24/7.

Our force of professional and certified workers are committed to guide you as per your convenience and need, providing turnkey end to end solutions. Our various price models, specifically designed to cater all scales of budgets, make us a viable option for many clients.

Our client orientated customer service has earned us the reputation of being Canada’s prime choice for telecommunication installation and repair needs.

We offer the installation and repair services of:

  • Cable
  • Internet Networks
  • Digital Cable
  • Audio/Video hardware and Software
  • VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocols)
  • Computer Networks
  • Home and Business Automation hardware and software
  • PoS (Point of Sales) hardware and software
  • Private phone setup
Cantel Technologies Inc.