Cantel Telecommunication VoIP Telephone Systems

It is every company’s goal to achieve maximum results while cutting down additional expenses. Cantel comprehends this notion, which is why we offer voice of internet protocol (VoIP) telephone systems. This technology transfers voice data from telephonic conversations, via internet instead of traditional phone network. With new advancements in VoIP, Cantel Telecommunication VoIP is now an accessible solution for businesses which wish to use a cheaper alternative instead of a traditional phone system, without purchasing new equipment.

Cantel Telecommunication VoIP has numerous advantages over a traditional telephone system, some of them are mentioned below:

Old technology such as Fax is supported

IP faxing, or Virtual Faxing is a bonus feature of Cantel’s VoIP systems. Even in today’s digitalized era where emails have replaced fax and mails, there are still some instances where faxing is needed in business. With a hosted VoIP system, you can easily send and receive fax via your email account.

Cantel VoIP is easy to install, configure and maintain

VoIP software is extremely easy to use. It can be operated, installed and maintained by anyone who knows how to operate a computer, and does not require an advanced computer professional.


With VoIP phones you can use and operate them from any place in the world. This feature is especially beneficial for working individuals who travel a lot. They can use their existing number without any additional international call charges. The only requirement is a steady internet connection.

Huge savings

Two prime reasons for high amount of savings in VoIP as compared to a standard phone system are; first, it is not provisioned by the FCC. Therefore, taxes are not applicable to VoIP phones. Second, VoIP suppliers are not liable to pay hefty interconnection charges to a third party’s network.

VoIP based phone can be increased and decreased effortlessly

In an organization it is never sure how many phone sets are required, employees are recruited, shifted and fired frequently. Traditional phones are expensive to install. Thus, it is quite costly for companies to increase or decrease the number of phone systems in their infrastructure. Whereas VoIP is concerned, you can add or reassign phone lines as soon as your new employee joins. Adjusting phone lines according to your need is easy and effortless.

An abundance of call features are supported

Shifting from your existing traditional phone systems does not require second thoughts. These hosted telephone systems do not require you to bid farewell to any important phone features like hold, call transfer, voice mail, advance reporting, video calls, conference calling, call hunt, auto attended phone menus and etc.

With all the advantages that Cantel Telecommunication VoIP service has to offer, it really is a no brainer for business to replace their traditional phone systems with VoIP systems. The pros are far heftier than the cons. Thus, to reap benefits from this hosted phone system trust no one but Cantel Telecommunication for efficient service at competitive rates.

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