(GSM, WCDMA & LTE and fiber networking)

Our team of experts executes all the critical functions in the planning stage and monitors them during the entire life cycle of a project by highlighting risks in advance helping in the planning of mitigation.

Our team coordinates with different technical groups to finalize the high and low-level design, resolve technical issues, create design templates, review, and close design.

We keep clear communicating with the customer for scope & requirement finalization, status update & escalation management.


Broadband, internet, fiber optic network installationOur team of Supervisors and Technicians are competent in following.

  • Installing, configuring & commissioning wireless network equipment like BTS, BSC, Microwave radio at service provider’s own and collocated site locations (GSM: Siemens Motorola, Nokia, and Huawei).
  • Conducting trouble analysis, diagnostic tests, locating and repairing fault conditions at the site, resolving hardware/software faults in ensuring fault-free network uptime (99.99%) target
  • Configuring and troubleshooting complex faults with remote administration and/or inspection of devices.


On the Network maintenance, our teams are capable of following.

  • Planning and effecting predictive & preventive maintenance schedules of wireless radio networks to increase the uptime and reliability of the pieces of equipment.
  • Conducting periodic audits & quality checks & acceptance tests to ensure desired performance of pieces of equipment. (BTS / BSC / MW device) set against quality standards.
  • Planning and coordinating the planned events at several circles from CNOC; creating and assigning trouble tickets for complex faults.


On the hands-on, our team has performed projects and some of the highlights are mentioned below.


  • LTE Projects for Nokia with DU and Etisalat LTE Air-scale Project
  • Installation and commissioning of telecom equipment for 2G Flexi Edge and Ultra, 3G Nokia for DU Projects.
  • Installation and Commissioning of LTE (ERICCSON, Nokia) for Etisalat and DU projects.
  • Installation and commissioning in SRAN project (Ericsson) for Etisalat in the Modernization project.
  • Installation and Integration of Indoor Building Solution sites in Emirates for Etisalat and DU.
  • Installation of Bsc’s under Nokia for DU Project.
  • Our techs are experts as Transmission Engineer for Nokia.
  • Feeder Line Installation and Commissioning for Indoor Building Solutions sites and outdoor sites.
  • Fibre network cable work for IBS and Outdoor sites.
  • Commissioning and Troubleshooting of LTE 800 and 1800 for Nokia.
  • Commissioning, integration, and Troubleshooting for Nokia LTE Air-scale equipment for Etisalat.
  • Site Survey and preparing TSSR for 5G + FTTA as per Nokia customer requirements.
  • Commissioning, integration, and Troubleshooting for Nokia 5G and FTTA equipment for DU Telecomm.
  • Site Survey and preparing TSSR for 5G + FTTA as per Ericsson equipment’s using BB6630, BB6648 and EN6130 and ERS6215
  • Install, arrange, remove, and maintain telephone equipment, wiring, and associated hardware.
  • Install and Integration of Mobile GSM Network
  • Install and Integration of 2G,3G, and LTE for Nokia and Ericsson equipment’s
  • Test installed telephone systems to locate transmission faults.
  • Repair or replace damaged telephones, wires, and associated equipment.
  • Configure operating systems and install software for access to the Internet.
  • Adapt in analyzing the repetitive problems and ensuring root cause solutions.
  • An excellent performer with demonstrated troubleshooting aptitude in Managing WATANIA Telecomm and MTC Network (Now Zain)
  • Installation and Integration of Outdoor and Indoor Building solutions (IBS) sites for Siemens and Ericsson
  • Antenna Line commissioning for IBS and Outdoor Sites.
  • RF Feeder Line Work for all types of GSM sites (IBS and Outdoor).

Our manager in the wireless division has 20+ experience with the following job functions.


  • To Responsible for Planning and Survey (TSSR) the MOTO SWAP Project for Etisalat and DU telecom all over the UAE.
  • To manage the activities for new site investigations, ready for integration and for quality check with the implementation.
  • T0 Responsible for the coordination with Customers Like – NSN and Ericsson subcontractors, documentation, and verification of site material.
  • To Responsible for Sites planning, including Equipment delivery and receiving and all necessary documentation and reporting to both customer and upper hierarchy.
  • To manage the activities for new site investigations, ready for integration and for quality check with the implementation.
  • To Responsible for the entire installation configuration, commissioning and testing of SDR and Power Equipment.
  • To Responsible for sending the daily report to our Project Team, vendor, and customer representative.
  • Installation and Commissioning of microwaves Nokia Flexi Hopper RET Installation, NSN Flexi Packets Flexi hybrid, Nera, Huawei, Tellabs (Microwave size 0.3mtr to 2.4 meter) and site Installation for telecom operators.
  • Commissioning of Flexi hopper, Flexi Hybrid, Flexi Packet Multi-Radio, and Huawei RTN
  • Installation and Commissioning of GSM Antenna 900, DCS, and UTMS
  • Installation of BTS NOKIA, HUAWEI, ERICCSON-RBS2202, RBS2206, WCDMA RBS3202, AND SIEMENS BS-240 and BS-241.
  • Commissioning of Nokia Flexi Edge BTS, Nokia Ultra site for 2G and LTE with CA 800 and 1800 for DU Project for the site on air.
  • Fully Experienced in Installation and commissioning of 2G, 3G, and LTE in SRAN (Ericsson) project on RBS6601, RBS6102, and RBS6201 for Etisalat in Dubai.