Cantel provide PBX service which enable telephoic coversations seamlessy and without any hitches

Cantel Telecommunication PBX services enables organisations and businesses to conduct telephonic conversations seamlessly and without any hitches. In contrast to Public switched telephone networks (PSTN), PBX system permits to have multiple phones and enables you to make calls within an enterprise free of cost. Cantel Telecommunication PBX saves and measures all call related statistics. It has beneficial features like call recording, voicemail, call transfer and etc. Our PBX system renders complete functionality at cost-effective rates, enhancing the call experience of firms and organisations in Canada.

Cantel Telecommunication PBX system installation includes the following:

  • Easy to operate, user friendly switch board.

  • Connectable to PBX telephone trunk lines

  • For easily managing the telephonic operations, we render programmable computer memory

  • The private grid lines inside the PBX

The private grid lines inside the PBX

  • A single number can direct external calls to everyone in an enterprise

  • Seamless call distribution to different PBX systems

  • Easy call transferring between PBX users within an organization

  • Voice mail recording facility for external calls

  • Can put external calls on hold

  • Has the ability to provide IVR Menu options

  • Automated call answering

Cantel Telecommunication installation and maintenance PBX services extend to areas in Vancouver, Langley, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Mission, Whistler, Abbotsford and Chilliwack. We provide telecommunication solutions for all sizes and scale, accommodating all budgets we strive to serve everyone!

Cantel Telecom & SIP Trunking

Cantel Telecommunication pioneers in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking, hosted VoIP and various other IP communication services in Canada. Our services are suitable for all budgets and requirements. According to studies, it is noted that companies that opt for SIP trunking services witness 70% cost reduction over the course of time.

You can avail our services via the following tariffs:

Per Minute Charging

Fixed price per minute usage charges

Channelized Pricing

Unlimited minutes on a desired number of channels or call paths

Plethora of Advantages for Choosing Cantel Telecommunication:

  • Cost Control

  • Compact and Clean System Placement

  • Compact and Clean System Placement

  • Our expert customer service foresees any forthcoming hitches and issues, and resolves them at the time of installation for a smooth expertise.

  • Exemplary customer service and assistance available 24/7

Cantel Telecommunication strives to give you the best SIP trunking solutions in the region of Vancouver and surrounding areas. Our proficient and qualified team of experts will assist you from start to finish, in establishing the best SIP structure for you. Call now for more information from our trained customer representatives.

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